Chinese speakers

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Chinese speakers
We need chinese speakers for our bazaar The Egyptian perfume palace
Competitive salary and commission
Experience is not important , all candidates will get paid during training period
Phone number 01006300849


محتاجين ناس تكون مترجمين هيتوصلو مع اشخاص من دول تانيه وهيكون في تاسكات محدده وعاوزين فري لانسر بس محتاجين ناس بروفيشنال كويس جدا كتابه ونطق في الغات دي
انجليزي . ايطالي . روسي . اسباني . الماني . فرنسي . برتغالي. هولنديه. تركي .
من ليهم خلفيه رياضيه يرجي ارسال c.v علي الايميل التالي

محررين صحفيين – مترجمين

أعلن موقع اليوم السابع عن حاجته لعدد من الكوادر الصحفية رفيعة المستوى ممن يجيدون العمل الصحفي باللغة الإنجليزية، تحرير وصياغة ومراجعة، للالتحاق بالنسخة الإنجليزية.
تشمل الوظائف المتاحة لموقع اليوم السابع بالإنجليزية.
محررون يجيدون العمل تحت ضغط التدفق الإخباري باللغة الإنجليزية
ـــ مترجمين (من اللغة العربية إلى اللغة الإنجليزية)
ـــ محررو تصحيح
الشروط المطلوبة
– خبرة 3 سنوات في الكتابة الصحفية
– الحصول على شهادات معتمدة في اللغة الإنجليزية.
– تحدث اللغة الإنجليزية بطلاقة.
كما أعلنت احتياجها لمدير ديسك يتحلى المتقدم للوظيفة بالخبرات الآتية : –
خبرة 5 سنوات على الأقل كمدير ديسك
– خبرة العمل في صالة التحرير
– إجادة اللغة الإنجليزية والعربية إجادة تامة

Freelance Arabic reviewer/editor

Freelance Arabic reviewer/editor

Job description
Lionbridge Quality Services (LQS) is looking for an experienced freelance Arabic reviewer, well-versed in the telecommunication field of expertise. We offer a regular cooperation on a long-term project from the telecoms sector.

Profile requirements:
Native Arabic speaker
Minimum 3 years of full time engagement in the localization/translation/review business as translator or reviewer
Education: at least BA in linguistics or related field
Candidate must be located in Egypt.
Extensive localization/translation/review experience in the telecommunication field, including Android environment
Fluency in verbal and written English

Other requirements:
General knowledge of the telecoms market where the target language is spoken
Experience in dealing with localization services’ providers
Excellent computer skills – working knowledge of several applications and platforms, among them: Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat; desirable working experience in the cloud environment
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to prioritize tasks and to deliver on time
Ability to self-manage – time, schedules, multiple task activity requirements
Understanding of localization and terminology management tools
Knowledge of smartphone products and their accessories

Interested candidates are welcome to send their application directly to Barbara Molenda:
until January 17, 2017


“Connection” are urgently needed to join Transsion Holdings
Location: Maadi, Cairo
Job Description:
• Translation and review.
• Project planning and coordination.
• Chinese language check.
• Testing of software and websites.
• Post-editing (Editing of machine translated text).
• University degree (translation studies).
• High degree of fluency in Chinese and English.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Good communication and time management skills.
Kindly send the CV to , mention the job title in subject line


Employer Ibnsina Pharma
Job Title Translator
-Translate business documents.
-Translate soft and technical training materials.
-Translate company policies and procedures…etc
-University degree in translation
-0 – 2 years experience in translation field.
-Good user of translation tools.
Good user of MS office.
Compensations Social & Medical Insurance, Profit Share, Transportation
Please mention the job title in the subject field

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Junior Translators

A well known leading company in field of localization and translation located in El Mohandseen,Giza, Egypt. looking for

Junior Translators


Fresh Graduates of faculties of languages, English (Azhar, Alsun, Arts, ..), with high grades (very good, at least

Draft training plan before hiring:

  • At HQ,
  • 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session. Training (batch) will last for 2.5 weeks


If you are interested please send your CV to