Lesson 7: Setting Up Email Reminders

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Lesson 7: Setting Up Email Reminders
Hola Karim,

Have you ever wondered how to send your members an email when their subscription is going to expire or when a prospect comes to your site and doesn’t finish their signup process?

Well, luckily with MemberPress sending these types of emails is very simple … using Reminders.

Reminders can be a powerful way to get your users to take action.

In this email we’ll go over how to create a reminder and what the options you’ll be presented with mean.

Until next time,

Paul Carter – MemberPress Support Lead

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • Setting up email reminders
Setting up email reminders

Reminders in MemberPress allow you to send out automated emails to members when certain events are about to or have already happened.

Currently, the supported reminder types are as follows:

  • After member signs up
  • After member abandons signup
  • Before subscription expires
  • After subscription expires
  • Before subscription renews
  • Before credit card expires
  • After credit card expires

A brief explanation of when exactly these events are triggered and what they might be used for is below.

To create a new reminder, go to MemberPress > Reminders > Click on the "Add New" button to begin. You will then be presented with options to set the Trigger (can be set to hours, days, weeks,…), as well as the ability to enable/disable subscription reminders for the User and Admin.

Reminder Types

After member signs up
This one is pretty self-explanatory, you can have it sent any time after the member has signed up on your site via a MemberPress registration form.

This can be useful for sending out automated how-to’s, what’s next, or even try and up-sell them on an upgraded membership level.

After member abandons signup
This one is sent after a user has started the signup process on your site, but never completed the payment step. We don’t recommend sending any less than 1 or 2 hours in case the user was planning on coming back to sign up again later.

This is a great place to offer a coupon to someone to get them to come back and signup again, or simply send a sales message their way promoting your product or service in hopes they’ll come back and finish their payment.

Before/After subscription expires
This is sent before/after a recurring subscription which has been cancelled or is on its last billing cycle expires. It is also sent before/after a one-time payment subscription which is not set to lifetime access expires.

This can be used to let the user know their subscription is about to or has expired and try to sell them on another subscription, or on signing up for the same subscription again. This could also be another good place to offer a coupon or discount code to get the user back.

Before subscription renews
This is sent before a recurring subscription which has not been cancelled is about to renew. It is also sent when a non-recurring subscription which is set to "allow renewals" is about to expire.

This is a great way to let your users know their membership dues are coming up again and to let them know they will be billed automatically if it’s a recurring subscription and that they should cancel before the renewal date if they do not wish to be billed further.

Before/After credit card expires
This is sent before or after a User’s credit card has expired. This is really only useful for Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal Pro gateways.

It is a good way to let the user know their card has expired, and they should login to their account and click "update" next to their subscription to update their Credit Card details to ensure their membership doesn’t lapse or otherwise be affected.

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In the next lesson we’ll cover:

  • Setting up auto-responders
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