نشاط طلابي ومؤسسه شبابيه في كلية حقوق جامعة عين شمس

About  :Ain Shams Model United Nations (ASMUN) is a Non-Profit organization that was founded by the Students of The Faculty of Law in 2007.
General Information : ASMUN was founded by the Faculty of Law Students, in the academic year 2007/2008 with 2 UN Councils to qualify other students to a better future.
After ASMUN’s first year, it won the best delegation in the Global Model United Nations which is organized annually by the UN.
In ASMUN’s third year, it developed to have a third council. Then, one year later (in ASMUN’s 4th year) ASMUNers established a French speaking Council.
After five years, ASMUN became an international MUN by signing an agreement with Rome MUN in Italy to exchange Delegates.
In the 6th year 2012/2013 ASMUN started to target juniors’ students in Schools and established JASMUN (Juniors Ain Shams Model of United Nations). Within that year ASMUN also improved its relations, internationally, by signing an agreement with Ham MUN (Hamburg MUN in Germany) beside Rome MUN and started its External Development.
In the 8th year 2014/2015 ASMUN also signed a new partnership agreement with North Africa Model United Nations (the biggest MUN in Africa) along with Ham MUN and Rome MUN
Mission : Our Mission is to let ASMUN be a turning point in every participant’s life by taking them on a journey to discover themselves and leave a legacy through; increasing their social interactions, changing their way of thinking, personalities and letting them think outside the box, face life obstacles and lead others to change.
 Facebook: ASMUN