Cairo University – Shell Eco-marathon

للعمل مسابقات Shell نشاط طلابي في جامعة القاهره تحت رعاية لطلبة هندسه ميكاترونيكس وميكانيكا لصناعة السيارات

About :Cairo University Team (CUT) is the 1st team from Cairo University to participate in Shell Eco-Marathon

Mission :

Car Industry:
The technology and techniques applied in the design and construction of our vehicle are supposed to be the first steps on the road of introducing vehicle manufacture in Egypt, where the huge experience gathered through entering such competitions should create a huge evolution in the Egyptian mentality changing it from ‘consumer’ minds to ‘productive’ minds and farther to ‘creative’ ones.
• Seek the Peak
After achieving the 8th and 4rth place in 2 consecutive years we’re now seeking the 1st place for our team