Career zoom

هو نشاط طلابي يشجع الطلاب على البحث عن الاحتراف وتعزيز مهاراتهم

Developing student’s negotiation and persuasion skills, their presentation and public speaking abilities, as well as helping them to find out new skills they never knew existed through training sessions and workshops that will be held every week.
About : Career zoom Cairo University (CZCU) is the number one student activity concerned about Career advising and planning for college students.

It’s a student activity in Cairo University that aims to reduce the gap between the university life and the labor market, by educating students about the requirements of the labor market and providing them with the necessary skills to develop themselves and land their dream job.

Vision: We aim for a student activity that will reduce the gap between students and the labor market, a student activity that will encourage students to seek professionalism and enhance their skills.

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