نموذج البورصة المصرية ، وقد أسسها الدكتور محمود محي الدين ، وزير الاستثمار المصري السابق

About: MESE stands for Model of Egyptian Stock Exchange, It was founded by Dr. Mahmoud Mohy El-Din, the former Egyptian minister of investment.

Mission: We prepare our members in a simulated stock market environment to play the role of being a broker, banker, portfolio manager and an investor through different kinds of high quality training sessions provided here at MESE. We prepare the members through other soft skills courses as well, to be able to deal with the labor market.
We are planning on MESE Egypt concept that MESE someday will be in every university in Egypt.

Vision: MESE will hopefully provide brilliant Economists that can deal with the ups and downs of the stock market and above all, leading our country to boom out of recession.
Feed the gap between the academic life of the student and the market.

Impressum: Egyptian Stock Market Simulation

General Information: MESE is lead by our respectful academic advisors; Dr. Fakhry Al-Feqy and Dr. Youmn El-Hamaky who have always been a believer.

Facebook: MESEian