The Great Debate

أول منظمه طلابيه في مصر ومسابقات للمناظره في الجامعات المصريه للطلاب وعرض وجهات النظر في مواضيع المختلفه

Who are we?

We are a group of University students and debate enthusiasts set on providing an accessible platform for formal debating among University students in Egypt.

What do we do?

By promoting critical thinking and rational thought accompanied by an evidence based approach to knowledge and conversation, we enable people to sustain credible arguments. This would institute the solid basis of an educational environment completely equipped with the necessary means to install and nurture the art of debate within the Egyptian community.


The apparent gap between opinions and informed arguments encouraged us to employ the art of debate in order to create a self sustaining environment of reasonable thought in Universities around Egypt, manifesting in the shape of monthly competitions and yearly tournaments.
Facebook: Great Debate19