VIA Club

يهدف النشاط إلي توفير الفرص لتقليل الفجوه بين التعليم وسوق العمل من خلال تجمع الطلبه في جميع أنحاء العام للتقديم الأدوات والفرص المساعده

About:VIA Club is the first Students’ Organization in Cairo University that enhances employability in the Egyptian market by connecting Students to multinationals.

Vision : To be the leading student organization in developing students and enhancing employability across the Egyptian market.

Mission : Providing professional capacity building programs and internships’ opportunities that improve students’ vocational and interpersonal skills and facilitate their penetration to the labor market.

Our Core Values :People-Oriented : Our people are our Capital. Innovation: Ensuring continuity from different perspectives.
Professionalism: Professionalism Guides our actions. Humility: It’s not about thinking less of yourself , it’s about thinking of yourself less.
Diversity: Embracing our differences in a productive environment.
Facebook Page: VIAStudentsClub